True top - end music reproduction in the home will always involve lots of boxes, wires, shelves and, usually, valves.

I believe that the care & attention that goes into the design & build of audio equipment should be complimented with the same consideration to it's appearance & function in the domestic room - that part of the listening experience is the feel & look of quality in a luxury setting.


So, we can go from this.........






 SR speaker before work.jpg             

  Sounds amazing!!!                                                                                                                                (Only 300V exposed)






                                          Polished Bubinga & Copper - black;




Radka - Mund single end bespoke system, handmade throughout

Rear wall damping panels assist open baffle. 

Radka -Mund sorted.jpg

Looks & feels amazing too!! (Just needs some exotic wood instead of those black amp fronts)  ♥






Music room installations



Music Room Installation.jpg



Mund-Radka 'Snell AN -E' / Mund S.E 6s4s + EF80 pre/amp + seperate valve PS / 1540 DAC / 6 TB Win7 PC server / Marantz CD94 I

Oak / Cherry / Zebrano / Jelnek cork bark room control  / Ekornes Stressless



Oak & Cherry Music room.jpg

Mund SE 6s4s.jpg


















                                  Veracity DAC / S.E. 6s46                                                     Mund 6s4s Cherry fascias, acrylic cases & copper plates 






Fascias / Casework





Mund - Radka Elm fronts.jpgFlared open speaker.jpg






Flared open baffle speakers - Bubinga veneer /

English Burr Elm (Radka - Mund)










                                                                                                                                                                             That's more like it  ♥





Walton Music Server 

Solid aluminium case, bespoke silent heat pipe cooled. W/D 6 tb  music storage. Samsung 850 s/s hd.

USB streams directly to dac.

Coupled with the Veracity Chrysalis, surpasses any music CD transport playback I have heard.

Ends the Vinyl / Digital debate for anyone prepared to listen.





♣ Veracity



Veracity Chrysalis DAC with custom options; Cuban Mahogany front & matching remote, Copper valve plate.







Veracity Chrysalis DAC with custom options; Bubinga front & matching remote.