Bowmaking and Rehairing

A selection of fine quality handmade violin / viola bows are usually available to play at the workshop. Typical specifications - Octagonal pernambuco, silver mounted ebony frog & ivory or silver head facing. Weights: 56 – 61g. 



Silver mounted bows.jpg



Frogs on top quality bows are made in the workshop, using finest Ebony or black horn, mountings handmade from sterling silver sheet & inlayed with black, white or coloured pearl / abalone.

Every frog & button set is unique to it's bow.


   Frog components.jpg




Bows are name-stamped & catalogued for weight, balance, spring & comparitive tension, etc. 



Silver mounted detail.jpg






Bow heads.jpg 


There is a limited selection of restored bows, rehaired, lapped & resprung where appropriate. Reasonably priced, especially for students at middle grades, where a big investment may not yet be the best option.

 Choice of bow is always very subjective, so trial periods can be arranged. 



bow head detail.jpg 

Rehairing, using finest Sowdens unbleached white hair is undertaken. Also new lappings in b&w 'whalebone', silver wire, snakeskin & goatskin leather.

Always arrange to visit workshop for assessing work, as price will depend on a close inspection of the bow.

(Note: Ivory / leather, timber; All materials are derived from responsible & legal sources)