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Profile                        Who I am & what I do. (But not why I do it, because I'm not sure).


Guitars                        Classical Construction, Steel string.


Violins                         New construction, repair & restoration.


Bowmaking & Rehairs     Prices & advice sheet to save you money!!!


Audio                          ............................Doesn't have to be ugly.  'Hi - Fi', 'Audiophile', High - End' ?

                                                        Call it what you like. We just want to listen to the music. Photos of interest for lovers of music                                                            reproduction in the home, from old - school valves to DAC & PC  players. 


Items for sale                Hand - made furniture, timber for woodturners, wood sets for guitar - makers 


Work In Progress           Items of interest / Current work under construction.


Gallery               Archives of work


Contact & Links