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VAD dac & SE amp.jpg       Bespoke made fascias & cabinets for high - end audio - call to discuss requirements.






















Ash Nest & Cubes.JPGAsh nesting cubes

£550 + VAT




Cubes & Tables.jpg


Ash Stacking Cubes.JPG




Ash nesting tables

£380 + VAT



   (Discount for pair as set - POA)




























Available for Woodturners - English Walnut & Yew. Good figure 3" blocks & planks. Also Holly & Apple rounds. Good prices for clubs / quantity.   Call for details

Guitar makers - Sets of matched ribs & back pairs. Figured Eng. Walnut, Yew, French Cherry, Fr. Walnut, some others. Straight grain for students; figured for more experienced with bending. From £45 / Set.     



Woodturning Yew.jpg     Turner - Walnut.jpg     Converting Wood.jpg






2010 Violin. £3500. Suitable for advanced student >.

Loan of instruments for approval can be arranged



Violin 2008 stradsheet.jpg