Classical Guitars




Built to the Spanish method set by Torres, using developed techniques based on master
 makers’ styles, but each having a unique character.



                     C10 ready for stringing.jpg






Rosewoods & Ebony are the accepted standard on quality concert guitars; 
Using woods such as Walnut, Cherry & Yew for ribs, backs & bindings give an English 
identity to the instrument without detracting too much from tradition.  

Finest Spruce remains the first choice for                                                           Rosettes & Bindings are all Handmade
soundboards: domed ‘solera’ strutting 
& open harmonic bars are normal features.

guitar.jpg                                                 rosette.jpg






Steel string ('folk') Guitars


                       A steel string similar to Martin OM / 000 in style, but built to the spanish method. Figured Yew, old hard grained pine domed soundboard & old mahogany neck.


See local musician Gregg Cave Play 'Old England Grown New'
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 Fleetwood - Cave



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