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The centre panel of each montage shows the original 1704 instrument, as photographed by 'The Strad' in 1979, with the modern 'copy' for comparison.



The modern instruments are not artificially aged to give the appearance of the original, but are an interpretation of it as it would have been as it left the old maker's bench.




The patterns, research & methods used are based on David Britten's award winning variation of the 'Betts'.



Three violins are in preparation, based on David Britten's templates of the 'Betts' Strad. The first two are complete & ready to play. See below & gallery for more images.


arching2 2010.jpg 


Violin 2008


Violin 2008 stradsheet.jpg


Violin 2010


Violin 2010 stradsheet.jpg




Superior pointwork & purfling on 2010












The 2008 is the first of the set.

Rosewood fittings, pale amber Fulton (oil / turpene resin) varnish. SOLD. 

Good potential choice for the more advanced student. (gr.6-7+)


Violin 2010 button detail.jpg 


2010. No. 2 of 3

Boxwood fittings & darker, deeper Fulton varnish colour. Superior finish & detail. - £SOLD