Work In Progress  

This page updated as interesting, unusual, or plain crazy work comes through the workshop.



Bass restoration for NMPAT;


Bass Restoration NMPAT.jpg


Bass Restoation detail.jpgBass detail 2.JPG





















Pair of Klipshorns under construction for 'Louder, Louder!!! Peter''s new music room

Original 1940s design, 104 db/w crystal clear bass converted from 15 in.LaScalas.

On test now - the best 'live event' from recorded music I've heard !!!!!











More news when finished in Black Walnut; Utill then, custom Snell/AN-Es fill in;



La Scala.jpg






15'' twin Isobarik bass cabinets

More 30hz insanity; Another development with Veracity's Gregor to create tremors with his new 200wpc Aztec.

No window safe in the workshop. 






Aztec monos & power supply fitted with Bubinga  fronts to match customer's Chrysalis dac

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Aztec Fronts.jpg






REL Studio Sub restoration

Plate amp restored by Veracity, ready for finishing in Zebrano veneer & black granite to match main speakers