Work In Progress  

This page updated as interesting, unusual, or plain crazy work comes through the workshop.



Bass restoration for NMPAT;


Bass Restoration NMPAT.jpg


Bass Restoation detail.jpgBass detail 2.JPG





















Restored Violin Bows being prepared. See for sale page or call for details







Pair of Klipshorns under construction for 'Louder, Louder!!! Peter''s new music room

Original 1940s design, 104 db/w crystal clear bass converted from 15 in.LaScalas.

On test now - the best 'live event' from recorded music I've heard !!!!!

























Installed with Veracity Aztec Monoblck amps & bespoke furniture.









Speaker development for Veracity Audio

More 30hz insanity; Another development with Veracity's Gregor to create tremors with his new 200wpc Aztec.

No window safe in the workshop. 


Vspkr.jpg Vspkr2.jpg










Aztec monos & power supply fitted with Bubinga  fronts

to match customer's Chrysalis dac

♣ Go to Veracity Website



Aztec Fronts.jpg






REL Studio Sub restoration

Plate amp restored by Veracity, ready for finishing in Zebrano veneer & black granite to match main speakers







Installed with matching Zebrano speakers to the classic Snell (AN/E) design. More Veracity Aztecs & Chrysalis DAC;

Totally one offs - the best.









Lowther Acousta 116




































The classic British folded horn to Lowther's original plans. Fitted with their PM6a drivers. On test now & sounding lovely straight 'out of the box', so should develop well after a weekend of playing in.


Also under development with Lowther, a revision of their classic   ♣'Audiovector' and a stereo pair of the legendary                      Lowther-Hegeman Sound Reproducers










Hegeman dev.jpg